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listen to Black women (again)

Espace POP



Gratuit | Free


September 22 to September 26

listen to Black women (again) (2021) is a sonic collage of Black womens’ voices; it is a return to and revision of intimate voice notes from friends and family with a new inclusion: found sounds sourced online from interviews and talks by more broadly known Black women, including Jully Black, Angela Davis and Keke Palmer. the original soundscape grew from a simple invitation by the artist to fellow Black women: record yourself talking to me about talking. the addition of Black women with far greater visibility highlights the shared refrains and suggests some things don’t change no matter your platform, wealth or reach. this work, its contents and title, intend to interrogate the listener and their relationships to Black women: do you listen to Black women? when last? how do/did you engage? in the aftermath of trump’s election, commentators lamented we should have listened to Black women and yet, too often Black women are dismissed, are much too disposable. these sounds ask for your reflection – sounds as subtle as bangles, breath and sighs, sounds as clear as speech acts, sometimes verbal, sometimes non-verbal in layers and loops. in combination with the text transmission “c’est qui le cannibale?” (2021), the installation gives the listener nowhere to look but inwards to ponder a declaration negating the voracious consumption of Black women in the hopes that their next exchange with a Black woman, whether familiar or famous, will shift towards her liberation.