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2023, it’s a wrap!

POP Montreal wants to thank you for this amazing year of 2023! As we near the end of an incredible year, filled with a shared passion for unifying spaces, we look back on what we’ve experienced together. Our collective love of music has truly made this year special, and we wanted to take a moment to express our deep gratitude to each and every one of you.

Thank you for turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories through your love and commitment. Whether attending the festival, the various concerts throughout the year, Art POP, Film POP, participating in POP Symposium discussions, jaming with our SiriusXM shows serie or spending time with us, friends and family, your enthusiasm was the driving force behind the magic we created together.

Here, you can revisit this fabulous 2023 edition, captured by this year’s photographers: Joseph Fuda, Tess Roby, Louis Longpré, Sarah O’Driscoll, not to mention a special collection of Polaroids by Colin Medley and the short documentary on the Montreal scene: COSMOS.

On that note, we wish you a happy holiday season and a heart-warming end to the year, filled with good sound, as we head into 2024 with even more musical adventures and shared moments of happiness! !! Thank you for being an integral part of the POP family:

Dan Seligman, Jessica Barry, Jérémy Dabrowski, Éric Cazes, Louis Lussier-Piette, Claire Thomas-Leitao, Lionel Fisse, Jérémy Spellanzon, Mulu Tesfu, Roxanne Lemieux, Maxime Dannat, Sophy Merizzi Marcil + our segments coordinators: Clara Cousineau & Alexis Cousineau forArt POP, Sami Zenderoudi for Film POP, Gabrielle Godon for Puces POP, Eve Parker Finley for POP Symposium & Maxime Dannatt for Kids POP ★