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Kids POP at POP Montreal 2022! September 28 to October 2nd

Kids POP is the place for kids to develop and interact with the DIY spirit of POP Montreal. Every year, Kids POP brings you activities and workshops for kids of all ages. This year, Kids POP activities will be centered on puppets and will take place Sunday, October 2nd. Please join us and bring the noise!


Butterfly Puppet Workshop

2 oct, 11:30am -1pm, L’Entrepôt 77

For anyone who has ever wondered: what is it like to be a butterfly? This workshop will provide art activities for kids of all ages to contribute to the building of a butterfly puppet large enough to embody. Join us at L’Entrepôt 77 for a collaborative puppet-building workshop where we will bring a butterfly to life – not from a chrysalis, but from mostly recycled materials. Stick around to watch our puppet fly and let its wings lead us to Socalled’s puppet show at 1pm.

Socalled & Friends: TIME – THE 4th SEASON

2 oct, 13h, L’Entrepôt 77

After a wildly successful performance at the Kampnagel Festival in Hamburg, Germany,  Socalled & friends will entertain us with a taste of their loveable puppet musical, //THE SEASON//. Expect some fuzzy puppets and musical magic!

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See you very soon!