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Meet Puces POP Artist: Alice Yang/Spilt Milk

Tell us a bit about yourself: Where are you from? When did you start your art practice?

I grew up in Ottawa and was lucky to go to an arts high school which is when I realized that maybe drawing could be an actual career. After studying at Concordia in studio arts/ design I decided I wanted to make art that was more accessible and relatable. I wanted to make t-shirts, lighters, just everyday objects with fun illustrations that people would enjoy. Since then I finally started a little studio with other freelancer friends called SOSO Studio. This is our first official collab!

What drew you to making sellable art like the t-shirts and lighters you’ll be selling at Puces, instead of other types of art?

The first product I started selling was lighters. I was tired of having my lighters stolen, so I made lighters that I knew nobody else had.

How does the use of colour transform your work?

I use color to evoke mood and atmosphere. I generally want to evoke playfulness and humour in my work and I find that vibrant punchy colours are best for expressing that.

What are the common themes that run through your work?

Silliness and absurdity are common themes.

** *You’re building a window for Puces POP at Citizen Vintage, can you tell us a bit about what you’ve created for that?***

We’ve all been stuck indoors and things have been tense in 2020. We figure we could all use a nice face mask, bubble bath and a joint to relax and enjoy some time living your best party for one.


Spilt Milk is the brainchild of Montreal artist Alice Yang. Here is what she has to say about her business: Spilt Milk is a boutique blend of girl power, glitter, and glamour — and by glamour we mean whatever pops. Like Pop Rocks and punked up prints, or glitzy lighters. We’re Montrealers for life, so Spilt Milk rocks the badass look next to the dress up look, mixing pastel T-shirts with sequins and pop stars on sweatshirts. We’re a lifestyle brand that creates cool stuff for bad ass girls, people who know how to have fun, and the crazy eclectic mix of individuals that make life just a little bit more interesting.