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POP Symposium launches its 2023 program!

POP Symposium has an incredible program this year with local and international artists, industry professionals and community members discussing the biggest issues in the music industry today. From AI and music, to digital marketing, and POP’s first ever Music Video Showcase, Sympo has something for everyone. Whether you’re an emerging artist, industry pro, or just a music lover, we’re glad to have you. The panels will take place at Rialto Hall.

About the curator

Eve Parker Finley is a noted Montreal multi-instrumentalist, producer, and comedian. Braiding a dense and deliberate web of string arrangements and alt-pop soundscapes, she rose to minor internet notoriety over the last years for her music and sardonic sketches on contemporary life as a transgender millennial. Finley has been a mainstay in the Montreal independent scene for nearly a decade. 

All the panels:

Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023


Eric Cohen

3H30: Sampling as Storytelling: a history across genres

Mags | Peggy Hogan | Bliberation | Mario Reyes

Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023

12H30: Do Androids Dream of Electronic Music? Artificial Intelligence and the Music Industry

Fannie Crépin (House of Supercool) | Jonathan Sterne (Professeur, McGill University) | Jocelyn Maclure (Professeure, McGill University) | Paul Tao (Promoteur, I Am Sound)

2H00: Influencing the Influencers: Social Media Music Marketing

David Schellenberg (Signal Noise Marketing) | Nick Younes (Secret City Records) | Kelley Linn (True Panther) | Dorothée Parent-Roy (House of Supercool)

3H30: Lights! Camera! Action? The Future of the Music Video

Neil Haverty (MVP Project, Prism Prize) | Brittney Canda (Producer, Director) | Simon Fauteux (Six Media)

5H00: POP Montreal Music Video Night

Friday, Sept. 29, 2023

12H30: Planes, Trains, and Tourvans: Live Music’s Travel Environmental Impact

Kim Fry (Music Declares Emergency)

2H00: Language & Reconciliation (Co-presented by The David Suzuki Foundation)

Severen Suzuki | Chief Kahsennénhawe Sky-Deer

3H00: Bahamadia & Shabazz Palaces: Hip-Hop Legends in Conversation

Bahamadia | Ishmael Butler (Shabazz Palaces) | Dalton Higgins

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023

2H00: Building Bridges: Solidarity of Musicians & Music Journalists

Rosie Long Decter | Luke Ottenhof | Rusell Louder | Cedric Noel

3H30: The Team behind the Booth: Making the most of Soundcheck

Nick Schofield | Ky Brooks

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023

12H30: The Tuba Thieves Artist Talk

Alison O’Daniel

2H00: Living off Live Music: The Economic Realities of Touring

Michael Bardier (Heavy Trip) | Thanya Iyer | Sergio Da Silva (Turbo Haus)

3H30: The Changing Grant Landscape for Music Companies

Peggy Hogan (Next Door Records) | Sebastian Cowan (Arbutus Records)