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Submissions to play POP Montreal 2024, taking place from September 25th to the 29th, are now open! Thank you to all artists who played our the 22nd edition this past year.

Apply here to play POP Montreal 2024!

Listening Sessions

Year after year, Montreal’s finest music curators, musicians, professionals, fans, and listeners get together for hours of listening to each and every band submitted to POP Montreal. With the help of free beer and snacks, listeners are warmly invited to join us every week between February and July. We casually sit around our office couches and (anonymously) vote yay or nay, one submission at a time. Bands are either accepted and submitted to the programming team, or invited to try again next year. If you love listening to music and want to have your say on who should play POP, be sure to join us by registering here.