Marché des Possibles

Distorsion Psych Fest

MDP sur De Gaspé




Distorsion Psych Fest

07.12 + 07.13,  2 days festival

On July 12-13, 2024, DISTORSION will be presenting a third consecutive outdoors edition of its yearly gathering, this time around, taking over the curation of Marché des Possibles for a unique concert series showcasing psychedelia, noise and experimentation a-plenty. A rare opportunity for flamboyant moths from the Montréal underground to parade under the Sun, while catching a slew of artists from the indie music scene, the event will be held between 6pm and 10pm every night, followed by after-parties a few blocks away. S/O: @Mothland, @Popmontreal, @marchedp

07.12: 6pm – 10pm at Marché des Possibles


6pm – DJs

7pm – Alix Fernz

8pm – Tea Eater

9pm – Population II

After at Quai des Brumes with Lesser + Olga + DJs

07.13: 6pm – 10pm at Marché des Possibles

6pm – DJs

7pm – Night Lunch

8pm – Tilden

9pm – San JR.

After at L’Escogriffe with Pust + DJs


Accessibility: MDP sur de Gaspé is located on Mooniyaang/Tiohtiàke (Montreal) territory, outside on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible. There is a gender-neutral toilet on site. Pets are welcome. There is no on-site parking. The paratransit service point is located at 5705 de Gaspé.